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XRC Labs is an innovation accelerator for the next generation of disruptors in the retail tech and consumer goods sectors.
Monthly subscription box for babies
For brands that sell consumable goods, who want to deepen and expand their customer relationships, Adrich is a SaaS/ PaaS platform that captures consumers' live product usage data to enable timely replenishment of products used, in their homes. Unlike online calendar-based Subscribe & Save services offered by large ecommerce retailers like Amazon, Chewy and Target, that leaves you with either way too much or too little product at the wrong time, Adrich attaches peel & stick sensors to any type of CPG packaging to track live usage data to build accurate replenishment process that increase consumer lifetime value by more than 33%.
Allbodies is a new approach to health, starting with knowledge. We host online womxn's health classes, led by holistic practitioners, that address your most important needs: healing trauma, sexuality, mental health, body literacy and more.
Ever wondered why the only option to mix with your favorite liquor is either soda water or something full of sugar? We believe your drink should be both delicious & better for you. So we are replacing your old favorite mixer - soda water, ginger beer, juice - with a new, guilt-free version. All Natural. Real Juice. Low Sugar/Low Calorie.
Barb creates styling products + community for folks with short hair. Barb exists to make it easier for everyone to live up to their own standard of beauty because no other standards matter. It’s not just hair, it’s who you are.
Bobblehaus is a genderless, Gen-Z-led sustainable collaboration fashion space, creating a "game-like" world for the next gen.
by REVEAL’s interactive billboard platform can appear anywhere in under an hour, instantaneously generating analytics that connect artists, brands, and designers to their targeted audiences, enabling a physical infrastructure that matches the geographic diversity of social media. REVEALs have been deployed in high traffic destinations including South by Southwest, Bryant Park, and Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade to capture insights and generate sales. Clients include Accenture, Boston Consulting Group, Intel, and Global Brands Group.
Caraa is an American design house of luxury sports accessories based in New York City. Our product offerings include sports bags, small leather goods, and fitness related accessories for inside and outside of the fitness studio.
Cartogram's wayfinding platform enables patients and venue visitors to navigate from anywhere to anywhere - inside, outside, and between buildings.
ChatQuery is an AI-powered intelligent way to query your database. Via voice, text or even email we place all your data at your fingertips, in a way that makes sense to you.
Cherry Pick is predictive intelligence for product development. By applying proprietary AI to social images and consumer commentary, Cherry Pick enables brands and manufacturers to measure the demand for products, before they launch.